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NMD Marketing was founded in 2018.  


After working in house for fashion and luxury brands in London, I moved out of the capital and decided to start my own business in fashion marketing. With extensive fashion and luxury experience, it only felt natural to focus on supporting these brands. 


Initially starting as a freelance marketing consultant, we have now grown to become a Digital Marketing Agency. Today, we’re a team of 5 based between the South East, London and Sheffield. 


As a small agency we don’t just offer advice. We’re very hands-on: action driven, results oriented. Whatever it takes to enhance your digital marketing. 


We tend to work with fashion and luxury brands, because that 's what we know best. We’re very flexible in our approach, we can work as an extension of your team or acting as your marketing team. 


Never one-size-fits-all, we make sure that each brand has a unique approach, because no two brands are ever the same. 


We work with lots of small to medium sized fashion brands and we’re passionate and invested in our client’s success. Digital marketing for fashion and luxury brands is very different from working with everyday products. It takes more than just the ability to combine creativity with technical knowledge and analytical skills. It takes a certain mindset.


If you’re ready to improve your brand’s digital marketing today, get in touch. 

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