Digital Marketing


There are many ways we can help with your digital marketing. Firstly, organic social media management. This is not just about building a community on Instagram, but also managing it. Informing people what’s on-trend, what’s coming next, and staying on their radar with timely posts. Above all, we create highly engaging content that’s valuable, relevant and consistent.


We also offer email marketing. Here we connect with both potential and established customers. From start to finish - laying out the design, writing the content, sending out to highly-segmented groups to create a personalised approach - these are emails that land, get opened and get to work.


Finally, you should also consider web management. We can ensure a brand’s website is kept up-to-date, meeting today’s user experience demands. And help with its ongoing development through project management.

Performance Marketing


When fashion and luxury businesses come to us for help, it often takes the shape of performance marketing. 


This is paid activity - digital advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google. 


Here we trial and test the different methods. Analysing the results, we will find the most appropriate, ensuring you get the best possible return for your brand.



My consultancy service runs across all digital areas and channels. But regardless of which, it’s always guaranteed to be bespoke. 


Weekly calls and catch-up sessions enable me to provide feedback and offer advice on what to do next. It results in more web traffic, greater brand awareness and an increase in both contact submissions and sales conversions.

Content Creation


Content creation and content marketing involves creating images and videos that are more than just engaging – they’re sticky. 


Perfect for Instagram, this content is shareable, relatable and proven to be what people naturally engage with.