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This case study for Wyse London – an online retailer of luxury designer clothing – highlights my approach to email marketing and performance marketing.


With a previous digital marketing agency which had underperformed, Wyse put their trust in me to turn things around. 


This was a case of defining from scratch. Putting consistency into their tone of voice and messaging. Boosting their engagement and response rates through a range of digital activity.


Firstly, personalised email marketing to improve email open rates. By looking closely at their audiences I created marketing e-mails based on recent purchase data. Whether regarding abandoned baskets, items back in stock, or updates on orders, it all created a constant dialogue with the consumer - without ever overstepping the mark.


Wyse had been working with a large digital agency for their paid media, but weren’t getting anywhere near the expected results. Within two weeks of taking over, I’d created a considerable improvement on their cost-per-acquisition. 


That’s because when you work with me, you don’t just get an expert, agile and more personable digital service - my results are hardworking, too.


Engaging across Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping and Google Search – with separate strategies for social and the two Google platforms – I focused on customer insights to enhance the performance of the campaign. 


All in all, I helped introduce new people to the brand, encouraged purchases and created sales. My worked enabled them to grow the business at a much faster rate. And it’s only just begun.


Hill and Friends are highly regarded and respected for their luxury handbags. What they needed was a digital marketing strategy to match.


Since January 2020, I’ve been working with them to achieve it. 


It required a complete shake-up of their existing digital output. No more doing the same things again and again. Instead, fresh drive, new direction, improved results.


I started by anchoring with a digital strategy that worked consistently across their four main channels – website, email, organic social and performancel marketing – to enhance their current brand.


To do this I created brand pillars - the compass that guides Hill and Friends through all decisions at every level of the business. And crucially, forms the basis for all communications with customers old and new.


This developed digital strategy ‘pushed the needle’ to increase social media engagement by 100%. And, more importantly, increased the conversion rate by 20%.


Working across performance marketing, I improved their social media campaigns to provide a much lower cost-per-acquisition and strong ROI. 


In other words, Hill and Friends now spend the same amount each month, but achieve far more conversions for their money.


This social media engagement was complemented with an image-led focus. Grabbing attention. Creating high levels of engagement. Piquing customer interest to leave them wanting to discover, and spend, more.


But I don't just implement and sit back, I’m proud that this ongoing project is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the business. 


To make the first step in enhancing your brand’s digital marketing, get in touch with me today.


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